What’s the difference between a logo and a brand?


We get asked this a lot.. it’s not a stupid question trust us! If you’re not in the design business then why would you know? It is pretty simple to answer though…

A logo is an image usually made up of text (your company name) and sometimes an added icon. That’s it, that is all a logo is.

A brand is your whole identity. It’s the logo, the colour scheme, the tone of voice, the icons, the style of photography. It should all pull together to give a message to your customers about who you are and what you’re all about. People should be able to recognise that it’s your business regardless of whether the logo is there or not.

Here’s 4 examples of well know brands that, if they’ve done their job properly, you should be able to recognise…


So you all got the right, right? If not, maybe message them and tell them they’re not doing a very good job and give them our contact deatils ;p

The first is Apple. All of their adverts, be it on paper or digital, follow the same rules; grey background, isolated image, clean font. It gives out that clean, modern look that matches their products perfectly. You know that what you’re getting will be sleek, stylish and high end.

They can charge thousands for their products and people will still rush to buy them. I’m sat here on my macbook pro writing this while checking my instagram feed on my iPhone 6s. I know I could have gotten a cheaper alternative, saved myself a lot of money, but Apple have gotten to me and now, in my eyes at least, Apple is the best. They’re reliable. I’ve had this macbook for 6 years and still going! Try doing that with your average PC.

But if their advertising campaigns looked different, my whole opion would change. If they started using Impact font (bleh) in bright red with a lumious green background I’d probably move ove to the dark side, because regardless of whether the products had changed their adverts would make them look cheap and unreliable.

The next is Aldi, the complete opposite to Apple. They want their customers to know they’re affordable and friendly. Their logo is standard and boring, it means nothing. But together with their witty tv adverts and their community support, including sponsoring Team GB, their consumers trust them on a more down to earth level. Aldi wouldn’t rip you off. They pass on their savings to their customers. They know how to make you laugh. This is one clever brand campaign.

Then we have Innocent Smoothies. Another brand who’s logo doesn’t mean anything on it’s own. It is literally just text. “innocent” in their child like, rounded font. You probably wouldn’t be able to match it up to a product if you saw it on it’s own. But then they add the magic touches. The halo, the faces on the fruit, the bright colours, it all comes together to create one of the best brands out there. It manages to make fruit and veg exciting. They have their own little personalities. You just want to eat (or drink) them all up!

And last but not least.. the big player.. Coca Cola. They’ve been going since 1886 and I swear they own half of the world. They have fun with their brand, it’s forever changing and never boring. From their iconic Father Christmas* advert to their simple vectors. They don’t stick to one style of advertising but somehow you still manage to recognise that it’s them regardless. They were even that sure of their brand power that they removed their logo from their bottles completely and let you put your own name on there.

*If you need any more proof of why Coca Cola is the daddy of all brands – check out this blog here on their site about why Santa looks how he does today. If a brand can change how we all see Santa Claus they’re doing something very very right!

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