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Number One HSP

Number One HSP Gym based in Deeside, North Wales, needed a refresh of their current website. It needed to be easier to update, easier for users to find what they’re looking for and easier for people to sign up and join.

After a meeting with Ed, the owner, we figured out a stragtegy that worked for him. With a brighter and cleaner design that was fully responsive on all devices, so his clients could find out the latest news on the go with no issues.

The new site now showcases the gym for the family friendly, community lead business that it is. With big images to show users what to expect, timetables and class descriptions and sign up forms for new members.

What the client had to say..

We’ve worked with Studio13 since their launch earlier in the year and we can’t recommend them highy enough! Get in touch for any design, leaflets, logos and webby stuff! Thanks so much for all your hard work, we couldn’ be happier with the new site.

Ed Harper

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